We offer a unique blend of creative and technical resources that have the experience of completing over 400 projects for leading local non-profits, FMCGs, medium to small size businesses and international clients in USA and UK.

Digital Identity

We have the experience, the ideas, and the attention-to-detail, to create the most effective digital identity for your brand or company.

2D Animation

We specialise in building eLearning products using 2D animation for in-house trainings, tutorials, ads and short movies.

Key Services

  • Character Development
  • Story Boarding
  • 2D Animation
  • Cost Effective Hourly Billing
  • Media Replication (CD-ROMS, DVD etc.)
  • Packaging

2D Animation of Urdu Books for “The Book Group”

eTeam awarded contract to animate The Book Group Books. The First Book is due to release in mid of 2014.


CBT Development for Reckitt Benckiser – South Africa

eTeam delivers another CBT (Computer Based Training) to Reckitt Benckiser – South Africa for helping their procurement and supply chain staff learn their in-house replenishment process.

ATM Animation

NCR Pakistan is one of the leading system integration company in the world when it comes to ATM installations, support and software services. eTeam was awarded the contract to develop a 2D animated screens for one of their international client. The idea was to develop an animated character similar to ATM Card. This character will welcome ATM users and will help them navigate during their transactions on ATM.

Dewan Mustaq Group

‘Snakes and Ladders of Today’s Business’, is a game based on Tom Peter’s irrational reasoning to rational approach of modern business techniques. The game was distributed by Dewan Mushtaq Group to the participants of a seminar. It is a highly engaging and innovative journey towards the hits and misses of marketing. The game was conceptualized, designed and developed, entirely by eTeam team.

Once on the game screen, the player just rolls a 3D rotating dice by clicking it. The dice displays a random number between 1 and 6. If the player gives a correct answer to the question asked, there is an increment in his position by the number displaying on the dice. If a bonus square is reached, increments or decrements are multiplied by the number displaying on the dice. The bonus squares are randomly picked and do not appear more than 5 times.

Another version of this game with a different interface was also launched by Dewan Mushtaq Group for Pakistan Cricket, which was the first 2D game on Cricket in Pakistan.

ESRA Urdu Literacy Software

The ESRA (Education Sector Reform Assistance – USAID Program) Urdu Literacy Software has been designed for men and women from rural and semi-urban populations between the ages of 14 to 40 years. The software combines pictures, voiceovers, background music, video, animation and interactive exercises to enable users to speak, read and write basic Urdu in just six learning months. The software design is based on typical rural setting depicting local culture and traditions. The ESRA Urdu Literacy Software integrates research-driven Urdu literacy content in to a user-friendly interface, graphic-rich design, and interactivity to effectively maintain student interest and reinforce learning at the same time.

Ghani Group Presentations

These corporate presentations were made for a 3 day event Ghani Group organized for its clients. These presentations were made to highlight achievements of Ghani Group in the last five years in different segments of their business. The presentations were about company Mission and Vision statements, History of the Group, Organizational Chart, Manufacturing Process, Plant and Machinery, Product Range, Clients etc.

Hilal Games

Four exciting games were developed in Flash MX for Hilal, the largest confectionery manufacturing company of Pakistan. These games are available for user on website www.coolyaar.com which Hilal maintain for promotion of their candy “Cool Yaar”, a market leader in its category. The games were designed and developed by eTeam including all special effects, sounds and background music.

Hilton Pharma Presentation

Hilton Pharma is a member of the Progressive Group of Companies. eTeam developed a multimedia self-run presentation for Hilton Pharma on the disease, Osteoarthritis. The presentation was used as a kiosk in a conference. Apart from being self-run, the presentation also has a simple navigation system, which allows a user to go through different sections of the presentation at his/her own pace.

Hilton Pharma Game

Snakes and Ladders of Osteoarthritis is a game based on a trivia concerning the disease Osteoarthritis. Once on the game screen, the player just rolls the dice by clicking it. The dice displays a random number between 1 and 6. If the player gives a correct answer to the question asked, there is an increment in his position by the number displaying on the dice. If a bonus square is reached, increments or decrements are multiplied by the number displaying on the dice. The bonus squares are randomly picked and do not appear more than 5 times.

The game was used in OrthoCon 2003, to let the participants (doctors and others) test their knowledge of the disease. Every player with 5 correct answers was awarded a small gift by Hilton Pharma.

IUCN Pakistan

IUCN, a multi-cultural, multi-lingual organization with some 1000 staff located in 62 countries, is the world’s largest environmental knowledge network. IUCN’s Sindh Programme was established in 2002 to consolidate IUCN’s ongoing activities in Sindh and to undertake new initiatives in the province. IUCN Sindh Programme, as a first step created the process of developing a report on the State of Environment and Development of Sindh (SoED). The report is envisaged to serve as a baseline for policy makers, planners, and development practitioners.

The IUCN CD-ROM delivers the SoED report in a unique way. The application starts with a smooth slideshow of captivating images of people and places of the province with melodious Sindhi folk music. It, then, takes you to a main menu which contains links to the various components of the CD-ROM. Apart from the nice layout, beautiful image, the key features of the application, Photo Galleries, Video Clips and the ability to print, make the CD a unique and highly user-friendly product.

Jamai Shan-i-Islam

Shan-i-Islam Iqra Project CD-ROM is a corporate profile of the NGO Jamai Shan-i-Islam (JSI). JSI is devoted to eliminate illiteracy in Pakistan. This is a bi-lingual CD-ROM (Urdu and English) containing details of the Iqra Project, sponsorship information, president’s message, photo gallery and video clips of Shan-i-Islam Iqra Schools. Graphs of the schools’ achievements can also be seen on the CD.

Pakistan Air Force

‘Tail Choppers – 50 Years of Excellence’ was developed and launched in 1998 commemorating the golden jubilee of the No. 14 Squadron, nicknamed “The Tail Choppers”, of the Pakistan Air Force.

Made in collaboration with the Pakistan Air Force, this interactive CD-ROM showcases a complete history of the No. 14 Squadron from the year 1948 to 1998.

Purman aur Germu – Procter & Gamble Pakistan

Purman aur Germo is a 10 minute long 2D animated cartoon developed for its brand PUR, a water-purifying agent. The objective of the cartoon was to spread the brand’s message to the masses through an engaging story, in the road shows organized by P&G. eTeam’s work included characters building, designing, and animation in this project. The product was developed in collaboration with IAL Saatchi and Saatchi advertising agency of Procter & Gamble Pakistan.

Pakistan IT industry Profile – PSEB

In this day and age, it is necessary that we reach out to our targeted ICT professionals in a language that they understand, and it is PSEB’s ardent belief that one of the best ways of branding a product, or even an industry, is through the use of technology.

Thinking on above lines PSEB IT Profile CD-ROM was launched in August 9, 2007 through ITCN 2007. This CD packs all the information that we want to project about Pakistan, and especially its emerging ICT industry, into one compact bundle, easily distributed throughout targeted markets and easily accessible over all mediums.

For requesting a copy of this CD-ROM you can write to sales@eteamid.com

Story of Pakistan CD-ROMs

Academy for Educational Development (AED) purchased 250 CDs of eTeam product Story of Pakistan. These CDs will be distributed to faculty members of leading Universities of Pakistan as a reference on political.


Siddiq Leather Works Private Limited

Siddiq Leather Works Private Limited, a company of Shafi Group, are manufacturers and exporters of cow and buffalo leather for shoes, garments, leather goods and upholstery. The CD-ROM eTeam designed and developed for SLW is a corporate profile of the company. After the opening information, the user is lead to a main menu where a slideshow is displaying images of different leather products created using SLW’s leather. The CD-ROM features information about the company’s background, Shafi Group, agents network and showcases the complete product range of the company. A comprehensive video documentary covering the Director’s message, the manufacturing process of leather, the leather products and the delivery process, has also been included in the CD-ROM.

Sheeba’s Play Place

Sheeba’s Play Place was established in the year 2000 with an aim to provide an exclusive and child friendly environment for toddlers to enjoy their first learning experience outside their homes. Centered around developmentally appropriate and fun activities, The school helps children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

eTeam was awarded to develop an interactive profile CD-ROM which showcase children and their activities throughout their term. This CD-ROM is distributed at the end of the term to all parents.

Jamal’s Yellow Pages Pakistan

US Publishers Private Limited appointed eTeam to redevelop their B2B Yellow Pages Directory Application. The CD-ROM interface and application was delivered to them in October 2008.