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Award winning and largest selling Urdu language animated tutorial with over 10,000 copies sold in Pakistan and abroad.

Cartoon Qaida

Cartoon Qaida brand and CD-ROM is owned and marketed by Gogi Studios Islamabad. ( For any inquires kindly contact them directly on

Cartoon Qaida is a fun-filled interactive animated multimedia tutorial of the Urdu alphabet. Specially designed for three to five year olds, the Qaida has enough colour and excitement to keep even the grown-ups glued to the screen, and enjoy the experience with their young ones.


The main characters of the Qaida are a boy (Sami) and a girl (Saima) who take the children through the process of learning the Urdu alphabet. Each Urdu character is explained in a very friendly voice of the girl character, with naughty interruptions from the boy.

Animated objects with fun sound effects represent words starting from each alphabet. As each object is clicked, the object animates itself to life, encouraging the children to explore on their own.

Cartoon Qaida makes a very effective and fun way for children to learn the Urdu alphabet, with adults also enjoying the show.


All work and no play? Three engaging games are included to help the children learn while having fun, with the objective of getting them to familiarize themselves with the shapes and sounds of the Urdu alphabet.

Sing-along Song

Included is an all-new original sing-along song which is already a hit with kids. Let them enjoy it and then hear them sing for weeks to come, and learn the Urdu alphabet the fun way.